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bibliography (selected)
exhibitions curated
Oriole Feshbach
      Exhibitions curator and co-curator
  2009   co-curator “Massachusetts Review 50 years of Cover Art” Fine Arts Center Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA
      Exhibitions curator and co-curator at the Riverside Museum, NYC:
  1970-71 “Selections from the Permanent Collection”
  1969-70 “Paintings from the Photo” (6 Photo Realists)
      “Quinquevalence” (5 Situations)
  1968-69 “Communication from the Reservation” (Riverside Museum Collection with Southwestern American Indian Art with the M.S.Dietrich and D.Dunn collections)
    “The Enduring Navaho” Laura Gilpin (photographs)
  “Eight plus Eight”
  1967-68 “The Concerned Photographer” (First exhibition, 6 photographers, 400 photos)
    “Art and Artists: Sarah Lawrence College 40 Years”
  “Environments/Permutations” (7th International Artists Seminar of Fairliegh Dickinson University)
  “Riverside Museum Permanent Collection”
  “Pueblo Indian Art”
  1966-67 “Pueblo Indian Art - Isleta” (from the American Philosophical Society)
  “Sculpture: New York Scene”
  “USCO” (Us Company)
  1965-66 “Young American Indian Artists” (from Institute of American Indian Arts)
  “5th International Artists Seminar,” Fairleigh Dickinson University (optical phenonmena)
  “Selections from the Tibetan Collection”
  “West Side Artists” (10 Artists)
  “Down by the Riverside” (USCO - electric poem sculpture/psychedelic art)
  1964-65 “West Side Artists” (80 artists from Lincoln Center to Columbia University)
  “Pueblo Indian Paintings”
  1963 “Sculpture 8”
  1962 “12 New York Sculptors”
  1961 “Rhys Caparn” (sculpture retrospective); “Henry Botkin” (paintings 1957-1961)
    “American and Tibetan Art” (from the museum collection)

“Joseph Lomoff (1889-1956),” painter
“Warren Wheelock (1888-1960),” sculptor

  1957-58 “80X12” (80 works, 14 sculptors)
      “Directions in Sculpture”
  1956   “Contemporary Puerto Rican Art”
  1955   “The New Sculpture Group”
  1954 “Ten Women Artists”