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Oriole Feshbach
Books:   Luminations, Images for the poem “The Auroras of Autumn” by Wallace Stevens, 50 pages, foreword by Paul Mariani, introduction by Martica Sawin, Midmarch Arts Press, NYC 2008
    Parallels: Artists/Poets, co-artists Claire Heimarck and Lucy D. Rosenfeld, foreword by Grace Glueck; introduction by Mary Ann Caws, images for poems, Midmarch Arts Press, NYC 1993
    Illuminations; Images for the Poem "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower by William Carlos Williams, 86 pages, foreword by Stanley Kunitz; introduction by Amy Clampitt, Midmarch Arts Press, NYC 1991
    A Vanitas Self-Portrait Book, artist’s book, offset lithography, hand bound, 28 pages, 10" X 8", 1988
    Frameworks , MFA Thesis, University of Massachusetts Library, Amherst MA 1976
Catalogs:   Introduction and catalog, “Paintings from the Photo,” Riverside Museum, NYC 1970
    Foreword, with catalog, “Young American Indian Artists,” Riverside Museum, NYC 1965
    Introduction, “West Side Artists.” Riverside Museum, NYC 1964
    Introduction, “Tibetan Art,” Riverside Museum, NYC 1962
and Photographic
  Statement, color photo, “Mother and Daughter,” "Mother Tongue,” Massachusetts Review (XXXVIII/3), 1997
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    Chapter, “Sarah Lawrence Years and Beyond,” Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville NY 1969
    Introduction, “Joseph Shannon,” Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC 1969
Included in Catalogs and Books:   Catalog checklist, Language as Object, edited by Susan Danly, Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, Amherst MA 1997
  Color photo in book and calendar, Return of the Goddess, edited by Burleigh Muten, Stewart Tabori & Chang, 1997
  Statement, photo, Women Artists Series 1971-1996 (25 years of Feminism and Women’s Art), Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ 1996
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Critical Reviews,
Quotations (Selcted)
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  Review, one color photo, “Art Echo” by Becky Everett, The Valley Advocate, Northampton MA, p.34, 2/19/09
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